What’s in those billowing clouds that e-cigarette users exhale? They call it vapor — and they call themselves Vapers — but what is it made of?

E-Cigs and Vapes both have a special situation in the world of marketing. Similarly, they’re healthier, less-dangerous alternatives to a dangerous addiction. However, they still hold a lot of the same negative image, mostly due to a lack of knowledge or understanding in the citizen at large. Between that and many decisive studies which can be cited as proof, many companies make an effort to play it safe when marketing them.
Similarly on the other side, vapes and E-cigs have been successful in acquiring a big market share in this industry. However after a lot of innovation and trustful brands has given vapes industry a better image in the market place. Vape has set a new trend in the market, it has become more of a sport rather than a mode of leaving addiction. It seem’s now smoker’s are liking this themselves and getting relieved from all the stinks coming from them. So for people who think vape is an alternate of quitting smoking cigarette’s well it’s true but i prefer it saying its more of an adaptation to a healthier, stink free, and tasteful life.

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