Vaping will be vaping, regardless of whether you’re doing it with or without nicotine. Truth be told, a standout amongst the most critical things about vaping has dependably been the vaper’s capacity to exactly control their nicotine. In case you’re smoking cigarettes, the best way to decrease the nicotine is to smoke less.
But since you can get e-fluid in each nicotine level, you can vape only a little and get a major dosage of nic, or vape a ton with no nicotine by any stretch of the imagination — and everything in the middle. Some vapers are cheerful utilising a considerable measure of nicotine, as they did with smoking. For others, decreasing nicotine is imperative.
When I began vaping in 2017, I had the thought very quickly of reducing my nicotine consumption and simply getting a charge out of the flavour. What could be better following 38 long stretches of Camels, I thought, than to kick back with an unwinding zero-nicotine vape while being free of the chains of dependence.
Farewell, evil spirit nicotine!
We realise that smoking habit is something other than just the nicotine.

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