Smoking has been a part of human life since ages, and has evolved from beedi to hookah to cigarette to cigars and how with the evolution of science and technology, we are taking electric charge in use for the smoking…. Or we may better call it vaping, as a vape uses all the science & technology backed up in a single device.

Vape basically is a device consisted of BATTERIES, CHARGERS, COILS, DRIP TIPS, TANKS and all these best quality elements in all makes a best quality vape and at VAPEURIZE we make all the efforts to bring you the best quality vapes from the leading international brands all over the world.

As after decades the aftermaths of smoking started showing its negative effects on a human body and performance scientists started searching something which should be far more safer than smoking and more biological to get less harm … then after a long research we got the devices called vapes.

The vapes are not only free from a billion of toxic harmful chemicals but are more safer than the traditional hookah, beedi or cigarettes.

Here is the comparison chart for cigarette and vapes

Vaping smoking


Vaping includes the utilization of pseudo-or e-cigarettes that recreate the experience of smoking without introduction to the wellbeing danger of smoking.

Smoking is a process in which tobacco & paper is burned & inhaled

Elements / Components

Batteries, threads, e-juice, tank

Tobacco wrapped in a thin paper with a filter at one end

Access allowance

Is unrestricted in many places

Is restricted in public places

Bad Odour




Optional with the juices


Carbon monoxide






Long term risks

Currently unknown, but are relatively low as compared to cigarettes

Addiction, various cancer types, respiratory issues

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